• Testimonials

  • Fantastic for those jobs you know you ought to get done, but don’t get time to do. The handymen are exceptionally conscientious & are always extremely polite & helpful. The service is invaluable!

    David King

  • The Handymen are the answer to everyone's prayers, especially the DIY challenged like myself. They're efficient, reliable, well-priced, trustworthy & deeply friendly.

    Candice Patterson

  • Absolutely first class, The Handymen are always on time, do an excellent job and work quietly and efficiently at all times with a minimum of fuss.

    Michael Clifford

  • The service was great, John was lovely and although I gave him an endless list that I thought he would never finish, he did and I had to think up more.

    Suzy Brown

  • Efficient, friendly, professional. The Handymen is the perfect service for an often-absent husband.

    Margaret R. Salzman